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Everything you didn’t know about head lice

Head lice are parasites which lives on our skin and feeds from our blood.
There are different species of lice and they can be seen on humans and animals, especially on birds.
In most cases when people speak about lice they refer to the head lice; however there are more species as the body lice and the pubic lice.

Lice symptoms

In most cases lice symptoms are just itchy feeling on the head, however body and pubic lice cause much more severe  itching.
Usually the symptoms are just itchiness, but with lack of treatment the problem complicates.
Constant scratching of infected area might cause skin infection, hair loss and dark spots on the skin.
Head lice can be spot easily by observing carefully the scalp – you will see the lice moving on the head and if you pay attention you will see their eggs sticked to the hair.
If you have children, it is necessary  to examine their scalp if they scratch, a routine periodical check is recommended.
If lice are found a treatment should be applied as soon as possible.

Head lice pass from one person to another by contact.
Despite various mythes, they  lack the ability to fly or jump.
They spread by contact between persons or objects as clothes and even children playing rugs.

Head lice can occur at all ages, but mostly the phenomenon effects children.
Therefore, it is highly important to diagnose and treat the children at the educational institutes.
Naturally as the kids play with each other, the head lice can easily spread from head to head.

Types of lice treatment

Head lice are known problem for long time and during the years different methods to remove them have been evolved.
There are different methods, some of them are using pharmaceutical products and others are more the home remedy type.
They key factor for all treatments is to take care of the lice and it’s eggs at the same time.

Among the home remedies we can find the following:

Lice comb

Metal comb with very with dense comb teethes, can take out lice and eggs as you comb the hair.
The comb is often used to support other treatments.

Lice shampoo

There various products, some are chemical and others natural, you can in the pharmacy.
Most of those products have proven their efficiency against hair lice.

Vinegar treatment

Some old methods are still considered as efficient and good, one of them is vinegar wash.
In this treatment the patient will use vinegar to wash the hair, combined with a lice comb.

It is also important to take preventive step as taking careo of personal hygiene of body and hair and frequently wash the cloths, especially when kids are around.

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