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Kinirin Kit

New! We increased the quantity and reduced the price

1. Kinirin oil – The basis of preparation is essential oils. Apply a few drops on the scalp and apply a good smear. After about 30 minutes, wash with regular shampoo and comb with a thick comb. Repeat for several consecutive days until the head is clean.

2. Kinirin Homeppathy – Take 2 pills (or drops, if intended for the baby) 3 times a day for a month (until the bottle is finished). The balls should be sucked under the tongue (or drip in the mouth, if intended for the baby). Homeopathic preparation without approved medical indication.

Includes: Kinirin Homeopathy: 20 ml (instead of 10 ml) + Kinirin Oil: 50 ml (instead of 30 ml)

Exp: Pills – one year | Alcohol-based – six months | 15% alcohol – one month | Without alcohol – two weeks

Before: 34.06$ Now: 22.72$


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