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Rina-Pharm is a pharmacy in Jerusalem, sells medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, natural products, special preparations, homeopathic and natural in personal preparation and more. A veteran of the pharmacies in Jerusalem, has credibility among his clients and with extensive experience in special preparations, homeopathic preparations and the like. We specialize in the preparation of pharmacists in general and in homeopathic preparations in particular, according to demand and according to doctor’s prescription. We can carry out all kinds of preparation – herbs, tinctures, mixtures and various other preparations as requested by the customer.

We offer our customers online service through the website. On site you can make reservations and consult 24/7 – all days of the week and whenever you feel comfortable! In addition, the Rina-Pharm brand can be found in other businesses around the country.

In addition, we provide our clients with free medical consultation services regarding medical problems. We will be happy to assist you with the use of medications, different forms of treatment, natural treatment, homeopathic treatment and more. Please contact us if you have not found products on our site and if you would like us to add them. You can use us by phone, email, fax and directly at the place, for more information go to the Contact Us page.

The information in this site does not constitute a substitute for consultation with a doctor or pharmacist, prior to purchasing a medical preparation and commencing treatment. The PI sheet should be read before using the medical preparations. It is advisable to consult with the pharmacist regarding the purposes and manner of use, side effects, interaction with other medical preparations.

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pinworm treatment testimonial

We always prefer something natural – pinworm treatment testimonial

Thank God we have seen much success in this product, both boys and girls. We always prefer something natural. Thank you.


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