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Acnerin Kit

Acnerin kit, which consists of 3 different preparations.

1. Acnerin Ointment – this is an ointment we developed in the pharmacy and consists of a mixture of herbs. Use: Apply once a night. Quantity: 30 ml.

2. Acnerin Homeopathy – This is an internal treatment. . Use: 2 pills, 3 times a day. Quantity: 10 ml. Homeopathic preparation without approved medical indication.

3. Moisturizing GelUsage: put in the morning after washing the face. Quantity: 100 ml.


  • Leave the product on the face and do not rinse after application.

The kit includes: Acnerin ointment 30 ml, Acnerin Homeopathy 10 ml, Moisturizing Gel 100 ml.

Before: 151.00 Now: 129.00


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