Pnina Bercovici Supervising Pharmacist

About the pharmacist Pnina Bercovici

Magister Pnina Bercovici
Bachelor of Pharmacy (1981)
MA in Pharmacology (1984)

Throughout the world there is a tendency to return to products from nature.
Do natural products help?
The answer is yes, unequivocally yes.

True, sometimes a period of adaptation and research is needed to adjust the appropriate medication to the problem. You have to know how to look… to adapt the medicine to the problem, but there is no doubt that the natural products provide an excellent response.

The first product I developed was born due to need. Alice, my baby, suffered from a strong rash and I made her ointment from natural ingredients of course. After a day, the diaper rash disappeared. This cream is sold to this day in my pharmacy and is called “Alice Cream”, as my daughter. That was the beginning.

Since then I have developed many products based on natural materials only, in a number of areas. In recent years there has been a great awakening and awareness of homeopathy, based on natural substances. Homeopathy has become a recognized professional field in the field of alternative medicine worldwide. After 20 years of experience and product development, I present more than 100 different products for various problems, from cream Alice to enuresis medications for both adults and infants.

I do not boast 100% success, but I am happy that most of the remedies and preparations proved to be very successful and effective.

My belief that customer attitude begins with an understanding of customer needs, smiling, warm, friendly and enlightening, leads me to adapt a suitable product to the problem presented to me by a desire and love for the field in which I am engaged. Even if I do not have the remedy, I will do everything to refer the customer to the appropriate address, in an attempt to find an answer to his problem.

The vast majority of my customers are regular customers, who pass on word of mouth, from one person to the other the information about the products. I am proud of my Jerusalem customers, like customers in Europe and the United States, who turn to me after discovering my pharmacy in Jerusalem.

My customers in Israel and around the world who give me great thanks and love are the ones who motivate me to continue to develop additional products, all according to the problem that is presented to me.

I will be happy to help, assist and extend a hand to any person, in the range of products I have developed, in diagnosis, advice and whatever is required.

Wishing you a full recovery,
Pnina Bercovici, Rina-Pharm Pharmacy.

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